Welcome to Mine Heart Helpers, a community of responsible parents and friends with Mine Heart.

Our mission  as a Love & Worship Christian Ministry of HELPS is to assemble nations to love one another by making a meaningful impact in the lives of our children and vulnerable communities.

We believe in witnessing Christ Jesus through our responsible and caring actions; as raising a flag of hope and support for those in need, as well as raising a generation humble responsible problem solvers to end the end with Love.

GOD IS LOVE…1 John 4:8-16

Our projects include establishing child care shelters, providing essential needs such as food, clothes, and medicine, and offering young talent development and skill training and complete education support (Head, Heart, Hands). With love and compassion, we create positive change and empower those who need it the most. Join us in our journey to make a difference and be part of something truly special.


Together we can make a difference.

Even the smallest contribution can change lives.

One less cup of water (1,000 UGX) you share can mean a whole world to these children.